What is web hosting and how does it work?

A company that focuses on renting out their services, as well as technology on hosting websites, is called a web host. After your site is hosted by the company, it can be accessed by a web address or domain name. When your web address is called upon by a user via a web browser, the server in which your website is hosted on is connected to the user’s computer. The files that comprise the site is sent to the user, and they can interact with it.

While there are many different web hosting options that are available to you, it is essential to pick one that meets the needs of your business. Ask questions such as the kind that is related to the type of website that you plan to host; blogs, news, or a portal.The type of website that you plan to host will decide the traffic that your site will receive. It is also vital to focus on the goals of the site. Do you see your company expanding businesses online? If so, how much experience do you have in web hosting?

After all the above questions have been answered, you’ll know how much storage space, control, the bandwidth you’ll require. You’ll also get a rough estimate about the cost of the website as well. When selecting a web hosting service, look for the amount of experience that they have working in the industry as this will help you know about the customer satisfaction as well as support. Make sure to hire a web hosting company that gives you 99% uptime and twenty-four hours customer service guarantee. It also doesn’t hurt if you search for the location of their servers as well as other products that they offer such as email or backup. This is especially beneficial for business owners as they do not have to keep track of a million different services from million different companies.


Some of the web hosting options that are available are discussed below

  • WordPress hosting: It is vital that you purchase a hosting package exclusively for WordPress if you have one or a blog. This option will provide WordPress optimized websites.
  • Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is one option that will benefit you if you own a small business as it is the most affordable. You will be sharing your server space with other websites. The main advantage of this option is that it is straightforward and easy to use. But if the site that you share your server with is overloaded, this will affect your site as well as you have very little control over the server.